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Severe weather sweeps through Manitoba

Staff writers

June 10, 2012 — Several tornado warnings were issued for parts of southern Manitoba Saturday evening, although they were dropped by around 10:45 CDT. A major thunderstorm passed through Winnipeg as well, leading to reports of golf-ball sized hail from residents. Severe storm risk is forecast again for Manitoba and northwestern Ontario Sunday.

Severe weather is also possible in Alberta, Manitoba and NW Ontario on Sunday.
Severe weather is also possible in Alberta, Manitoba and NW Ontario on Sunday.

Parts of the extreme south of Manitoba near the U.S. border were under a tornado warning Saturday night, while nearby areas were under a tornado watch.

A major thunderstorm passed through the city of Winnipeg as well. Residents reported on twitter that golf-ball sized hail had fallen on some parts of the city.

A frontal system, along with hot and humid air, is contributing to a severe weather threat in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Storms began affecting Manitoba Saturday through the evening, with northwestern Ontario taking its turn Sunday afternoon and evening. 

The lower level jet stream appears to be stronger Sunday than Saturday, and that would provide more energy for storm development. 

"We're mainly looking at severe hail and strong winds in Manitoba, with the risk of a tornado or two," says Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "In northwestern Ontario, damaging winds, severe hail and a few tornadoes are not out of the question."

Parts of Alberta, in the meantime, were also under risk of severe weather Saturday night. Several tornado watches were in effect in the south-central parts of that province, but had been dropped by the early evening.

People in the affected provinces are encouraged to stay up-to-date on their local weather forecast. Watches and warnings can be found in the Alerts section of our website.

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