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What kind of winter do you want?

Staff writers
October 10, 2012 — While there is still plenty of the fall season left, some Canadians are already thinking about winter. Residents in Ottawa have even come up with their own winter weather wish list.

What are you hoping for this winter?
What are you hoping for this winter?

Parts of the country have already been dealing with early signs of the winter season, leaving some Canadians wondering what's in store for the next few months ahead. 

While it's too soon to say if the early snow is a sign of what's to come, residents are already making their own wish list for the season. 

The Weather Network's Natalie Thomas took to the streets in Ottawa on Tuesday and judging by the reaction, there are mixed feelings.

"I think we're going to see a lot of snow, but I don't really want a lot of snow, I just want a decent winter," said one person we caught up with. "I want to see a lot of snow, because the more snow the better for the maple syrup," a winter hopeful said. 

Several other people had a common response, and that was to see a winter similar to last year.

"Ottawa saw a very mild winter last year. The first snow of the season was on November 23 when 9 cm was recorded at Ottawa International Airport," says Gina Ressler, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "But the city only saw about 110 cm during the entire 2011-2012 winter, and that's half of what they normally see." 

On average, the city typically receives between 200-235 cm of snow throughout the season.

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