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Sarnia, Ontario is referred to as 'Narnia'
Sarnia, Ontario is referred to as 'Narnia'

Cheryl Santa Maria, staff writer

October 8, 2012 — We took to Facebook to find out the nicknames of Canadian cities.

Some people call Kitchener, Ontario "K-dub"
Some people call Kitchener, Ontario "K-dub"

After receiving several Stormline calls from a place called "Freddy Beach", we decided to look it up.

As it turns out, Freddy Beach it isn't a place. Rather, it's a nickname for Fredericton, New Brunswick -- and that got us wondering about other Canadian cities.

We posted a question to our Facebook page, asking our viewers about the nicknames for their hometowns. 

One of our favourite responses came from Renee, who told us that Sarnia, Ontario is sometimes called "Narnia."

Further west in the province, Kitchener-Waterloo is referred to as "K-W" or, as Alissa pointed out, "K-dub."

And most people know that Calgary, Alberta is known as "Cowtown", thanks, in part, to the city's annual stampede.

Here are a few other nicknames for Canadian cities, courtesy of our Facebook friends:

  • Squamish, British Columbia -- Squish, in reference to rainy weather
  • Regina, Saskatchewan -- The Queen City
  • St. John, New Brunswick -- Surf City
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba -- Winterpeg or The Peg
  • Hamilton, Ontario -- Hammertown
  • Toronto, Ontario -- Hogtown
  • Trenton, Nova Scotia -- T-town
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia -- Halifornia

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