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Where to find a weather radio

Natalie Thomas, reporter
July 25, 2012 — A weather radio is a great investment -- but you have to know where to find one first.

Weather radios range in price, starting at about $40.00
Weather radios range in price, starting at about $40.00

Earlier this year, we aired a story on weather radios and, shortly after, we started to receive calls from viewers who were interested in purchasing one.

One of those viewers was 84 year-old Miss Daisy -- but her personal assistant Diane had a hard time finding one for her.

"I called a whole bunch of electronic stores and a lot of people hadn't heard of them," she says.

"Upon further investigation it came to light that they were available -- but usually only online."

That poses a problem for people like Miss Daisy, who don't own a computer.

While going online is the most common way to purchase a weather radio, speciality electronic stores like Radioworld offer a large selection of them.

"We have a number of different weather radios. Some are meant to be portable ... they run on their own batteries or they have a crank," says Tim Pacan, Sales Manager for Radioworld.

Weather radios typically start at $40.00 and can go up to about a hundred dollars.

Pacan says they're a great investment -- especially during severe weather season.

"Where there's a chance of a severe thunderstorm or a tornado, you can be alerted as soon as Environment Canada puts out that broadcast," he says.

Between watching The Weather Network, using our website, mobile apps, and having a weather radio -- it appears there are many ways to stay on top of the weather conditions in your area.

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