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White Christmas almost guaranteed across all the west

Almost all the west aside from Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island is guaranteed to see a white Christmas.
Almost all the west aside from Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island is guaranteed to see a white Christmas.

Staff writers

December 21, 2012 — High chance of a white Christmas across most of the west, but in Metro Vancouver's lower elevations, it's only a slight probability.

If a white Christmas is your wish, and you live in the west, chances are you're in luck.

With much of the region having already seen the first major winter storms, with little prospect of a warm-up between now and December 25, there's plenty of snowpack to guarantee a sparkling Christmas morning.

The exceptions: Much of Vancouver Island and the lower elevations of Metro Vancouver.


From the Ontario border up to the Rocky Mountains, the major cities and towns of Canada's three Prairie Provinces are pretty much certain to get a white Christmas.

The region has already seen plenty of snow, including some of the most significant snowstorms of the season in all of Canada, with no real chance of a warm-up.

"We're expecting it to stay fairly cold, right through to Christmas morning, so that means the snow on the ground isn't going anywhere," Weather Network Meteorologist Dayna Vettese says.

The only exceptions are the southern-most areas in a band ranging roughly from south of Calgary to Regina, although Vettese says that will likely change as December 25 approaches and the prospect of higher temperatures fades.

"So those areas are probable but there's still a chance of a white Christmas," Vettese says.

British Columbia

On the other side of the border, people in the Metro Vancouver area may still be reeling from the storm that dumped around 17 cm on some areas, but that doesn't guarantee any of it will stick around for Christmas.

Vettese says lower elevations may be out of luck as rain and warmer temperatures will have made short work of the accumulation, but higher ground may still get lucky.
"Vancouver downtown, your chance of a white Christmas is fairly low, but once you get into higher elevations, you have a pretty good chance," she says.

For the rest of the province, with the exception of parts of Vancouver Island, high snowpack and consistently cold temperatures leading up to the 25th spell an almost guaranteed White Christmas.

Check back every day leading up to Christmas morning for updated probability maps, check out eastern Canada's prospects or learn about how we make our white Christmas predictions.

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