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Winter ATVing in the Maritimes

Shelley Steeves, reporter
February 8, 2012 — This winter has been good for the ATV industry in the Maritimes.

Frozen trails and snow are good for ATV enthusiasts
Frozen trails and snow are good for ATV enthusiasts

Winter ATV'ing is really taking off in New Brunswick this year.

Thanks to the weather of course.

"Before all the snow came everything was frozen over so the trails were in good shape," said Mike Deware of Moncton Mud Runners ATV. "The ground was flat and all the ponds were frozen so we could go many spots."

The snow is not overly deep here in southern New Brunswick, so bikes can easily get around. It's exciting news for a guy like Mike who's trying to lure newcomers to the sport.

It can be a tough sell to a die hard snowmobiler like me. ATVers and Snowmobilers tend not to cross paths in this province, but I was willing to give it a try.

Snowmobile conditions here in the south haven't been ideal this year, but for ATVers it's been pretty prime.

ATVing is easier when there's a lack of snow
ATVing is easier when there's a lack of snow

"They are excited about some of the places we can go that we were never able to go before," says Deware.

Which is exciting for Mike's club. They're working toward developing a provincial trail system, much like the snowmobilers already have. And on years like this when there is a lack of snow, he's hoping more snowmobilers will at least try out winter ATVing.

Mike says there's room for everyone to have some fun!

Now I found out first hand, ATV'ing is a lot colder than snowmobiling.The bikes just aren't as equipped to keep you warm. But, I got to admit, it is a whole lot of fun!

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