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Winter activity season draws to a close in eastern Canada

Staff writers
March 23, 2012 — A recent spell of summer-like weather has the winter activity season ending early in many parts of Canada.

Ice huts were removed early from Lake Nipissing
Ice huts were removed early from Lake Nipissing

You don't often hear Canadians complaining about temperatures in the mid and upper 20's in the month of March. 

Unless, of course, you're talking to skiers, snowmobilers and ice fishermen. 

"It was 16 degrees overnight and I came in that morning and we were planning on opening but it was just amazing how the snow had disappeared," says Bill Anderson of Poley Mountain ski resort in New Brunswick. "I have never seen this kind of March and I have 40 years plus in at the resort now."

The snow had literally melted overnight. And with cities hitting all-time record high temperatures, it was hardly surprising. Still, it was disappointing for those looking for one last run on the slopes. 

Big ski resorts in parts of Ontario were also forced to close this week, including Blue Mountain and Horseshoe Valley. In the northern part of the province, ice huts were pulled off Lake Nipissing ahead of the annual deadline. 

Skiing in shorts at Blue Mountain
Skiing in shorts at Blue Mountain

"The weather in the last week has been significantly warmer than usual causing ice hut owners to remove their ice huts prior to the march 31st deadline in this area," said Kent Moxam, Ontario Minstry of Natural Resources Enforcement Officer. 

Earlier this month, poor ice conditions resulted in dozens of ice fishermen to become stranded on an ice floe in Ontario's Lake Simcoe. 

While ski resorts, skating rinks and snowmobile trails have been closing up during this recent "March heatwave", patios, golf courses and beaches have been open to the public. 

Wondering if winter is really over in Toronto? Or if the season will make a comeback in the rest of eastern Canada? Be sure to check your local forecast

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