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Winter exists in Ontario

Cindy Burgess, reporter
February 6, 2012 — If you live in southern Ontario, youíre probably wondering whatís happened to winter this year. Turns out, you donít have to go far to find it.

Looking for winter? Look to northern Ontario
Looking for winter? Look to northern Ontario

These huskies canít wait to hit the trail. They know itís winter, but many of their guest mushers need convincing.

"We have no snow in Whitby and I phoned a couple of times so far just to see if thereís snow and she said of course there is!" said one tourist.

"Thatís actually our biggest challenge this year Ė convincing everyone Ďhonest, we have snow, lots of it, just come up north," says Tanya McCready of Winterdance Dogsled Tours.

Here at Winterdance Dogsled Tours near Haliburton, itís business as usual. Same story at ski resorts and on trails used by snowmobilers and cross-country skiers. In fact, aside from a slow start to the season - the only real difference has been the temperatures.

"This year as opposed to other years weíve just had such comfortable temperatures to get out and enjoy winter recreation," says Jack Lynch of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture. "So if youíre a new Canadian for example, or somebody whoís maybe been wanting to try some winter recreation but maybe wasnít into it because of the temperatures Ė well, this is the year to try it."

These folks will be the first to tell you - itís worth the drive.

"We had a great day today," said one tourist, while another exclaimed, "Winter does exist!"

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