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Winter golf in Vancouver

Staff writers
March 8, 2012 — Although Vancouver is known for its rainy weather, it doesn't seem to affect golfers eager to play year round.

Year round golf in Vancouver
Year round golf in Vancouver

It's been a relatively mild and dry winter across Canada this year, even warm enough for avid golfers to hit the links.

For Vancouverites however, year round golf is a normal thing.

"You listen to people coming from Toronto that quit golfing in October, November and we'll go right through, so it's great," says golf professional Juan Rostworowski at Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy.

He adds that conditions during the winter months are a lot colder, there's more wind and the golf course can get pretty soft and muddy, but overall, it doesn't stop people from playing.

"I think the true die-hards will play all year round...We get a lot of people who have year passes."

Rain is set to move into the region on Thursday, but Rostworowski says golfers will be back on the course in no time.

"We're getting closer to good spring conditions, but we're not there yet...Obviously, we'd love to have the sun, hopefully the wind dies down, temperatures get up, that would be great."

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