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Winter's beauty through a camera lens

Farah Dhalla, reporter
February 13, 2013 — The frigid cold weather in winter can be harsh, but photographers that are willing to brave the winter weather are often rewarded with stunning results.

Snow and ice can add new dimensions to your photos
Snow and ice can add new dimensions to your photos

Winter can be beautiful and scenic, especially through a camera lens.†

Photographer Kristy-Lynn Polowich encourages people to embrace the cold and try winter photography.

ďItís really nice to take photographs in the wintertime because you can get out and experience the outdoors," says Polowich. "Take nice long walks and take your time taking photos. Itís relaxing and you can really embrace the beauty of winter.Ē†

Snow, ice and the crispness that comes with freezing temperatures can add new dimensions to your photos.†

There is an art however, behind taking the perfect winter photograph.

ďThe exposure in the snow becomes tricky," warns Polowich. "Make sure you can adjust your camera to get that little bit over exposure."†

Polowich offers a few other tips for new photographers shooting outdoors.†

  • Invest in finger-less mittens .
  • Have extra batteries because in the cold, winter weather, batteries die.
  • If it's really cold out and your camera gets cold, place it inside a plastic bag when you head inside to avoid condensation build up on the lens.
  • Shoot the sunrise or the sunset. Even if itís a bit cloudy, those are the best times to capture the beautiful light on the snow.

Embrace the cold and try winter photography
Embrace the cold and try winter photography

Photographers should also be mindful of albedo, the fraction of solar energy reflected from the Earth back into space.

Ice, especially with snow on top of it, has a high albedo: most sunlight hitting the surface bounces back towards space.†

Water is much more absorbent and less reflective.†

So, if there is a lot of water, more solar radiation is absorbed by the ocean than when ice dominates.†

With these great tips in mind, get out your camera to snap wintertime pictures.†

You can always upload your photos or videos to our website and they may be featured on The Weather Network on TV.

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