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Winter thunderstorms: Rare, but possible

Staff writers
January 30, 2013 — Parts of Ontario have seen a risk for thunderstorms this week and severe storms have been hammering the U.S. Winter thunderstorms may be rare, but they're not unheard of.

Don't be surprised if you see a strike of lightning this week
Don't be surprised if you see a strike of lightning this week

Thunderstorms rumbled through parts of southwestern Ontario on Tuesday, resulting in power outages across the city of London.

There's a risk for more thunder-showers on Wednesday leaving residents questioning what season it actually is. 

"Southern Ontarians are used to experiencing thunder-snow, but one thing we're not used to in January is full fledged thunderstorms," says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. "Areas from Sarnia to London were actually treated to a thunderstorm Tuesday morning and we expect the risk of thunderstorms to continue right through to Wednesday evening." 

The storms are sparked by elevated instability along with the mild temperatures experienced this week

"We're not expecting anything severe, but the odd rumble of thunder or strike of lightning could definitely wake you up," says Vettese.

U.S. thunderstorm risk Wednesday
U.S. thunderstorm risk Wednesday

Unlike in the central U.S., where severe thunderstorms, damaging winds and unstable conditions have been reported.

Tornado warnings were also in place early Wednesday for places like northern Alabama, central and eastern Tennessee and Kentucky. 

There have been hundreds of damage reports from possible tornadoes in Tennessee.

According to authorities, one person was killed in the Nashville suburb of Bordeaux when a tree fell on a shed during the storm.

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