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'Awesome' weather moments

Feeling the warm sun after a gloomy day can be incredibly uplifting
Feeling the warm sun after a gloomy day can be incredibly uplifting

Nicole Karkic, Weather Broadcaster, The Weather Network

March 11, 2013 — I donít know about you, but Iím ready for this winter season to come to an end!

Can you think of your own 'awesome' weather moments?
Can you think of your own 'awesome' weather moments?

Iíve been trying to beat the winter blues by doing all the thing they say you should do to feel better.

Iíve been taking Vitamin D, getting plenty of exercise, (trying to) eat well Ė although my friends and family might say otherwise Ė and I drink A LOT of water.

With no March break or beach vacation plans on the horizon, Iíll continue to do things to tide me over until spring.

In light of this, I was compelled to pick up The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. Itís full of little things that are, simply put, awesome -- like finding money in your old coat pocket or getting off an airplane after a long flight.

My spirit was instantly lifted as I flipped through the pages. The book got me thinking about my own, weather-related examples.

Here are a few:

1) Going on vacation in the dead of winter and missing an epic winter storm.

After a long day lazing about the beach, enjoying the fresh salty air and clear, blue ocean, you use the hotel computer to check your email.

The first one goes something like this:†

Hope youíre enjoying the beach!†

By the way, itís freezing, and thereís more snow on the ground than I have seen in years!†

You picked a good week to be away.†

You canít help but smile at your decision to leave town that particular week, when you booked your vacation months ago.

2) Itís raining outside and you have nowhere to be.

The sound of the rain wakes you. You look at the time and for a second you panic, worried that youíre late for an appointment.

A sense of calm rushes over you when you remember itís Sunday. You hear the patter of the rain on the window as your head hits the pillow. You fall back to sleep, knowing the day is clear.

3) Taking a long run on the first day that feels like spring.

Youíre inspired to lace up your shoes and get outside Ė and when you do, you realize youíre not alone.

Where has everyone been hiding?
The streets and parks are flooded with people enjoying the fresh smell of blooming flowers. You also spot some people in shorts and sandals a little prematurely.

Who can blame them? Itís been a long winter.

The first signs of spring are just around the corner!
The first signs of spring are just around the corner!

4) Getting inside, right before a big downpour.

The weather forecast said it was going to rain, but you havenít seen a drop all day. You take your chances and head out, sans umbrella.

Suddenly, you feel a few drops. You look up and the sky has turned completely black. The lonely umbrella you left at home crosses you mind as you run to your destination.

As soon as youíre safe inside, the sky opens up and it starts to pour.

5) A cool evening breeze after a sweltering hot day.

It's the middle of summer, and all the weather reports are saying your area is in the midst of a heat wave.

Aside from a cold shower and hitting the frozen goods section of the grocery store, itís tough to escape the oppressive heat -- especially with no A/C.

Finally, night comes and it feels cooler than it has in hours. You open the window and feel a cool breeze.


Here are a few other Ďawesomeí weather moments:

6) The sound of a fresh pack of snow crunching under you boots.

7) The smell of a fire on a crisp fall night.

8) Being with someone special when the first snow of the season falls.

9) A major snowstorm the day after you get your winter tires installed.

10) After what feels like days of gloomy weather, the sun finally comes out Ė on a Friday. Bonus!

Can you think of your own examples? Once you start, the ideas will keep flooding in.

I would love to hear about your great/inspiring/uplifting/cool - or as Neil Pasricha would say Ė awesome - weather moments!

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