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'Crippling, historic blizzard' blasts the U.S.

Staff writers
February 26, 2013 — States like Kansas and Texas were just starting to thaw, but now they’re facing blizzards and whiteout conditions once again.

Heavy snow piles up in parts of the U.S. once again
Heavy snow piles up in parts of the U.S. once again

Whipping winds, whiteout conditions and treacherous roads. For people in the U.S. Plains, this weather is like winter storm deja vu.

Just last week a storm dumped over 50 cm of snow on parts of Kansas and now they're dealing with another one. 

"This one could be much more treacherous to travel in and we just ask you to exercise that more abundance and caution," says Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

In Kansas City, people are still trying to dig themselves out of the last winter blast. 

Officials are pleading with residents to stay off the roads.

Several highways closed due to treacherous conditions
Several highways closed due to treacherous conditions

"We declared a state of emergency for Kansas City, Missouri...We tried our very best to give as much notice of that potentiality," says Kansas City mayor Sly Jones. 

The storm also walloped the Texas Panhandle, where strong winds and snow drifts closed highways and caused power outages.

The National Guard was called to help dozens of stranded motorists, while the National Weather Service says they're dealing with a "crippling, historic blizzard." 

The same system is set to push into southern Ontario late Tuesday bringing a messy mix of snow and rain to the region.

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