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A green and clean Hallowe'en

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 21, 2010 — Waste conservationists are encouraging trick-or-treaters to consider the environment this Hallowe'en.

Recycle costumes with friends and family
Recycle costumes with friends and family

Ghosts and goblins are getting ready for a spooky night ahead. Costume stores are packed and the last minute candy purchases are expected.

While October 31 can be a fun night of disguise, it's also one of the most un-environmentally friendly celebrations of the year.

“Especially due to all the individually wrapped treats that are handed out on Hallowe'en night,” says Lean Anstis with the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. “And also our costumes when we buy them retail it's excess packaging.”

Picking the perfect costume though is all part of the fun, so Anstis suggests reusing or recycling old ones instead.

“You could always trade with family or friends. You could buy from you favourite second hand store or a flee market or make your own.”

Reuse items to decorate for Hallowe'en
Reuse items to decorate for Hallowe'en

Homemade costumes are inexpensive and can be some of the most original ones out there. Plus, it prevents any packaging or waste from entering local landfills.

It's the trick-or-treating that can become one of the biggest problems.

“It's so much excess that a lot of the candy is actually thrown out in the end,” says Anstis. “I try to give out things that the package can be recycled in the end. So think of pop or juice boxes it is a better alternative as far as the waste reduction.”

She adds that even hosting your own party for family and friends can be a way to reduce the amount of houses visited and candy collected.

To find out what the weather will be like in your area this Hallowe'en, head to our Hallowe'en Forecast page.

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