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Alberta Fire Still Out Of Control.

May 15, 2010 — Areas north of Edmonton are still dealing with out of control wildfires.

A brush fire near the Alberta town of Opal is still burning out of control. However, the good news is that the wind in the area is calming and that's stopping the fire from spreading to near by homes.

Provincial officials said the blaze didn't grow over night.

So far, the flames have consumed about 22 square kilometres. One home has been destroyed.

Air tankers combated the flames,dumping flame retardant and water over the area.

Bulldozers were used to dig up soil to find underground hot spots and to protect furtherdestruction of property.

The calm wind have also helped ease the smoky conditions. Earlier in the week, Edmonton was under an a air quality advisory.

Conditions in the area are very dry due to years of drought. Officials say it could be months before the fire is completely out.

You can keep track of the fire danger in your area by using the Forest Fire Watch function.

And for the latest details on this story and other news making headlines, tune into The Weather Network on TV.

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