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Soaking rain hammers B.C.

Vehicles finally able to access the region
Vehicles finally able to access the region

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

October 14, 2010 — A series of low pressure systems have caused flooding and damage across B.C. Heavy rain and strong winds continue to hammer the province.

Highway 20 washed out in Bella Coola
Highway 20 washed out in Bella Coola

Several parts of British Columbia have been swamped with wet weather this fall. And the stormy conditions are expected to dominate throughout the season.

“With La Nina, what we see is a cooling of the waters near the equator near the South Pacific,” says Patrick Cool, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “And what this does is it shifts the jet stream a little further north into Canada and throughout B.C.”

So far, the central coast and northern Vancouver Island has bore the brunt of the storms. The community of Bella Coola in particular was completely cut off after flooding rains washed out main roadways.

Highway 20 is the only road connecting the area to the rest of the province and was out of service for the last couple of weeks. The highway was severed in at least four places during the September storm.

Heavy rain continues to flood B.C.
Heavy rain continues to flood B.C.

Over 200 mm of rain deluged the valley causing the worst flooding and damage in recent history. Officials were forced to fly in food and water supplies to residents.

Finally, on Tuesday vehicles were granted access into the community. Repairs are still not fully complete so until further notice, two westbound and two eastbound convoys will be permitted along Highway 20 daily.

Storm after storm has continued to batter the coast, with the most recent major blast over the Thanksgiving long weekend.

Right now, “a Pacific ridge is building into the lower mainland and southern interior keeping these areas dry for the next couple of days,” explains Michelle Cassar, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

Meanwhile, heavy rain continues to hit the central coast.

“The area won't see the same significant rainfall totals that they've been dealing with for the past couple of weeks, but it will still be wet none-the-less,” says The Weather Network's meteorologist Mark Robinson. Up to 50 mm of rain is possible in Bella Coola through Friday.

For a closer look at the weather in your area, head to the British Columbia Cities Index.

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