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Another stormy Monday in the Maritimes

Totals expected through tonight
Totals expected through tonight

Lisa Varano, staff writer

January 3, 2011 — For over a month now, storms have hit the Maritimes at the start of every week. Another one arrived on Monday.

Moncton already received 20 cm by late Monday morning
Moncton already received 20 cm by late Monday morning

Although a new storm is taking aim at the Maritimes, there is some good news. This one won't be as bad as the others.

“The winds in this area of low pressure won't be as strong as the ones in recent storms,” says Brian Owsiak, a meteorologist at The Weather Network. “An area of low pressure has formed south of the Maritimes and that's what is bringing the precipitation as it moves along the coast. This will bring snow to New Brunswick and P.E.I. through the day on Monday, and rain to Nova Scotia.

The first storm of the new year has already dumped Moncton, NB with upto 20 cm of snow and Greenwood, NS with 7 cm. The snow fall will continue in parts of the Maritimes into the evening hours. As the system moves eastward, western Newfoundland is set to get a mix of rain and snow. For St. John's it will be mainly rainy.

It's another unsettled Monday in the Maritimes
It's another unsettled Monday in the Maritimes

In December, the wicked winds, storm surge, and heavy rains and snow during nor'easters and weather bombs left the Maritimes with a huge mess to clean up.

Storm-weary residents of the Maritimes may be wondering if this winter will be a long one. A special forecaster will weigh in on the matter at the beginning of February.

The forecasters at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown have enlisted a special agent unlike any others. New Brunswick now has a provincial groundhog who will prognosticate on Groundhog Day, February 2.

With files from Beverley Ann D'Cruz

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