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Arctic's ozone layer sees depletion

Ozone depletion affects Arctic wildlife
Ozone depletion affects Arctic wildlife

Sana Ahmed, staff writer

April 6, 2011 — The ozone layer that helps protect from the sun's most harmful rays suffers further depletion over the Arctic.

Chemicals are harmful to ozone layer
Chemicals are harmful to ozone layer

The Earth's ozone layer over the Arctic has undergone significant damages since last winter to until late March of this year. This harmful change is being attributed to a cold winter and high amounts of chemicals in the atmosphere.

United Nation's weather agency blames the loss on ozone-eating chemicals. In a period of about six months, the ozone layer has seen a 40 percent loss. The agency also adds that the Arctic's ozone layer is much more sensitive than the South Pole.

“The Arctic stratosphere continues to be vulnerable to ozone destruction caused by ozone-depleting substances linked to human activities,” explains UN spokesperson Michel Jarraud.

The loss comes despite UN treaties that specifically advise against such occurrences. Nations and corporations alike are encouraged to use less damaging chemicals to protect the ozone layer.

With files from The Associated Press

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