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Snow Storm in Atlantic Canada

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

December 31, 2008 — 30 cm of snow has fallen in parts of Atlantic Canada with more to come today.

The low pressure system that moved in from the west on New Years Eve continues to track up the coast bringing snow to Newfoundland and Labrador today with the chance of mixed snow and rain this evening.

The Maritimes will still get significant snow accumulations and very strong winds including storm surges during high tide for New Years Day. By this evening the snow should start to taper off to flurries.

The strong winds will continue into Friday with gusts up to 100km/h. Blowing snow will reduce visibility on roads so drivers should use caution. Blizzard Warnings are still in affect for parts of the Maritimes.

Snowfall Warnings are in effect for Newfoundland and Labrador.

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