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Atlantis docks with space station.

May 16, 2010 — The Atlantis docked safely with the International Space Station on Sunday.

It's the final hurrah for the space shuttle Atlantis.

It blasted off for the 32nd and final time Friday afternoon. And the weather couldn't have been better. Clear skies meant Atlantis could complete its final mission to the International Space Station.

The crew will spend a week orbiting the space complex installing fresh batteries and a new Russian compartment. They're also attempting to free a snagged cable caught on the shuttle's inspection boom.

Meanwhile, flight controllers say there's no risk from a piece of space junk that they've been monitoring over the past few days. The egg-shaped piece of debris came within 10 km of the space craft Saturday evening, but the station did not have to move to avoid it.

After this mission is complete, NASA will retire the shuttles that began flying in 1981. Like Atlantis, sister ships Discovery and Endeavour will launch their final flights later in the year.

NASA is looking to focus on presidential-ordered trips to asteroids and Mars.

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