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Atlantic Canada Storm

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

November 5, 2009 — A powerful Nor’easter is moving through the Maritimes and Newfoundland today and into Saturday with a smorgasbord of rain, snow and strong winds.

Nova Scotia will see the heaviest snow in the Maritimes with 10+ cm possible before the system moves out Saturday. While most of New Brunswick will escape the intense weather, southeastern New Brunswick and PEI will feel the effects of the storm with snow.

Typical for a Nor'easter, strong winds are a major concern with gusts up to 110km/h possible for Nova Scotia on Friday and up to 100 km/h possible for Newfoundland Friday and into Saturday.

Newfoundland will be hit twice by this storm with the first wave on Friday bringing strong winds and snow. While the Maritimes clears up on Saturday, Newfoundland will get a second wave of the storm as it moves out of Atlantic Canada. This second wave will bring more snow to the island.

As is typical with November storms in Atlantic Canada, snowfall amounts are difficult to predict with this system and will likely vary considerably across small distances. Higher terrain away from the shore across Nova Scotia may see accumulations over 10 cm with the possibility of up to 20 cm in localized areas. The Cape Breton Highlands are likely to see some of the highest amounts. Halifax and most coastal communities should avoid significant snowfall, but some minor accumulation is possible, especially a few kilometers inland from the south shore.

PEI and southeast New Brunswick will feel some of the strong winds from the storm as well as a mix of rain and snow. In Newfoundland, the Avalon Peninsula will be spared the heavy snow from this system which will be focused across central parts of the island.

Motorists may experience dramatic changes in driving conditions Friday across the region depending on elevation and proximity to the shoreline. In Nova Scotia, the Cobequid Pass is likely to see significant snow where as communities along the Bay of Fundy will see more rain-snow mix, limiting snow accumulation. As the storm pulls away, conditions will improve later Friday night across the Maritimes, and by Saturday afternoon in central Newfounland.

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