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Australia flood damage spreads

No end in sight
No end in sight

January 9, 2011 — Rains and an overflowing river submerge Maryborough in Queensland, Australia as devastating floods continue.


Docks and boats are swept down a swollen river as Australia's floods claim another town.

It's the worst flooding the city of Maryborough has seen in more than three decades.

Nearly six inches of rain doused the area Saturday, and the local Mary River is expected to peak at 17 meters, or 56 feet, on Monday.

The river also affected the nearby town of Gympie.

Like much of central and southeast Queensland, cars, houses and roads are submerged.

With infrastructure, crops and the coal industry devastated, the economic toll is estimated to be around 5 billion US dollars.

Australia's rainy season only began last month, and there are new flood fears after heavy rains lashed prime tourist areas on Sunday.

The rising waters are attributed to the monsoon rains of La Niņa weather pattern.

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