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Small tornado hits Australia's east coast

June 3, 2010 — A small tornado tore across Australia's east coast today, destroying homes and leaving thousands without power.

People living in the small town of Lennox Head, along the east coast of Australia, were hit with something straight out of an “American movie,” as one local put it.

A small tornado hurled across the community in northern New South Wales today, overturning caravans, uprooting trees and ripping roofs off homes. Streets were blocked by fallen trees and damaged cars. Several people were injured.

“It's just absolute utter devastation,” said one local resident.

“I don't know what a hurricane feels, sounds like, but that was it,” said another.

Emergency services said twelve houses were completely destroyed by wind and hail, while close to 2,000 were left without electricity.

This mini tornado came just days after southern New South Wales was hit by a powerful storm. Sydney was spared the worst of the storm, but people still had to make their way to work as heavy rain was coming down on Monday.

Swells of up to eight metres mounted offshore, but most were smaller by the time they reached the coast. Still, some surfers wasted no time heading out into the water.

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