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BC farmers satisfied with spuds this season

Farmers satisfied with this year's potato crop
Farmers satisfied with this year's potato crop

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 16, 2011 — The potato crop in BC is looking promising thanks to a late blast of summer heat.

Late blast of summer heat perfect for the potatoes
Late blast of summer heat perfect for the potatoes

A soggy September last year left much of the potato crop rotting in the fields. The province recorded three times more rain than normal, making it next to impossible for potato farmers.

“We probably left eighty five percent on the ground and we couldn't get them out. They just deteriorated down to a pulp in a matter of a couple of weeks,” said Bill Zymans with W&A Farms.

Zymans says farmers are dependent on weather and this year's spring was shaping up to be a similar let down.

“We were a little discouraged in the spring because it started very late. We had a wet spring to start with and we were about two and a half weeks behind.”

It wasn't until the first half of September when things started to turn around. Record breaking temperatures combined with dry conditions have been ideal. Crops were able to catch up and the harvest is in good shape.

“Yields are good, quality is great, the harvest is going very, very well because it is so nice and dry. We just can't say enough good about the last two to three weeks of September we've enjoyed having for harvesting. It's a dream come true for most of the farming community,” said Zymans.

Now moving forward, farmers are hoping for similar conditions.

“Pumpkin harvest and squash harvest is just around the corner and of course we'd like to have this kind of weather all through September if it's possible.”

Zymans adds that day time highs in the mid-twenties and with cooler temperatures at night are perfect for growing.

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