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More rain for flood-hit Stewart, B.C.

Alexandra Pope, staff writer
September 19, 2011 — There was cause for celebration in flood-hit Stewart, B.C. Friday as the highway finally reopened -- but yet more rain is in the forecast for the region.

Rainfall expected through Tuesday
Rainfall expected through Tuesday

The northwestern town was cut off for more than a week after heavy rain washed out Highway 37A in several places.

Crews immediately got to work repairing the eroded areas. Their greatest challenge was the Bitter Creek bridge, one side of which was completely washed away.

But, on Friday, a temporary bridge was opened to the public, and a pilot car led the first motorists to the other side.

The drivers, many of them tourists who were stranded in Stewart when the floods hit, cheered and thanked construction crews as they drove over the bridge.

There's still a lot of work to be done to repair the highway. At first, traffic will be limited to daylight hours and will have to follow a pilot car.

There's also more rain in the forecast for the north coast. Up to 70 mm of rain is possible through Tuesday. Winds of up to 90 km/h will also develop over Haida Gwaii Monday evening and are expected to spread to the coastal sections of the north and central coast.

“That's not good news for us,” says Mike Lorimer, regional director with the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

However, he adds crews have armoured the new bridge with large, heavy rocks.

“We're confident the repairs we're putting in place are going to withstand that (rain). We'll definitely be closely monitoring it when that rain starts.”

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