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Snow falls in the B.C. mountains

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

November 3, 2010 — Snow has started falling in the mountains of British Columbia - a sign that ski season is almost here.

Snow on top of Mount Seymour
Snow on top of Mount Seymour

The North Shore Mountains in British Columbia saw their first light dusting of snow last week. And for many, that serves as a reminder that ski season is just around the corner.

“It's been a long summer. A good summer, we've enjoyed the sun, but we're ready for winter,” says Jon Mosley, a spokesperson for Mount Seymour. “It's right at the perfect time of year, late October. We just have to wait a few more weeks and we'll be in operation!”

Temperatures were cool enough for snow this week in the higher elevations of BC. A base of nearly 40 cm has formed in the alpine peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. More snow than usual this year in Whistler is expected because of the effects of La Nina.

“La Nina winters for the west coast usually means cooler than average temperatures and lots of precipitation,” says Lauren Everest, the resort's Public Relations Coordinator. “Historically at Whistler Blackcomb that's meant about an average of 100 cm more snow than usual on our mountains.”

The chair-lifts will be operating before you know it!
The chair-lifts will be operating before you know it!

The ski season at Whistler Blackcomb is scheduled to kick off on November 25. It will likely start later at Mount Seymour, but officials are already gearing up for the start of the season.

“There is going to be more snow expected in the city and on the hills this year. It's definitely good news to all of us on the mountain,” says Julie Mulligan, a spokesperson for the resort at Mount Seymour, north of Vancouver.

Mosely agrees, but doesn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. “I hate to jinx it by saying it's going to be great, but the almanacs and the forecasts so far are hinting that it should be a good one, so we're really excited and holding our breath a little, hoping it will be great!”

To stay up-to-date on your local weather forecast, click our British Columbia Cities Index. You can also keep track of the snow falling at local resorts by clicking our Ski Report.

With files from Lisa Varano

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