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B.C. prepares for wet autumn

The flags of British Columbia and Canada flap in the wind on an overcast day
The flags of British Columbia and Canada flap in the wind on an overcast day

Lisa Varano, staff writer

September 13, 2010 — British Columbia could get above average precipitation this fall. The reason? La Niña.

B.C. rainfall totals
B.C. rainfall totals

The summer got off to a hot and dry start in British Columbia, but the wet weather made its return in August.

Now, the season is ending on another rainy note. And this could be a preview of what's forecast for this fall.

It has already felt like autumn across the west, where temperatures have been stuck in the teens. It's cool enough for frost to appear in the Prairies.

By Sunday night, Vancouver had received 34 to 51 mm of rain, depending on the part of the city. Squamish was drenched with 40 mm, while Victoria stayed relatively dry with only 20 mm of rain.

But people living in Vancouver are always prepared for rain. This fall, B.C. residents should have many opportunities to put rain gear to good use.

Enjoying the outdoors before the rain
Enjoying the outdoors before the rain

“We're seeing a bit of a pattern change. We do have La Niña setting up. So it looks like Vancouver and southern portions of British Columbia will actually have above-average precipitation for the fall,” says Dayna Vettese, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

La Niña has lowered the position of the jet stream, allowing Arctic air to sink south, and creating cool conditions across the west. This type of weather has helped calm the forest fire situation in British Columbia.

The Lower Mainland is forecast to get a break from the rain on Tuesday and temperatures will warm up to the high teens. But by Wednesday, the cloud cover moves back in, and light showers are expected Thursday.

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