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BC weather and horse racing

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

October 20, 2010 — We all know that many outdoor activities are weather-dependent, but what about horse racing? Turns out, the right conditions are important when it comes to the animals' safety.

Warm, dry weather in Vancouver this summer helped the race track conditions
Warm, dry weather in Vancouver this summer helped the race track conditions

The horse-racing season is now wrapping up in many parts of the country, and organizers in British Columbia say it was a great one - thanks, in large part, to the weather.

Temperatures were warm and there was very little rain along the southern coast. As a result, injuries were down 50 per cent from last year.

“We had an outstanding season as far as racing related injuries. We were below the North American average and much of that was attributed to the fact that our race track was in tip-top shape during the high point of our racing season, which is June, July and August,” says Paul Ryneveld of Hastings Park Raceway in Vancouver. “If we have consistent weather, then we have consistent racetracks and that translates to lower injuries.”

Heavy rain can make the track muddy and uneven, which can lead to more injuries.

The horse racing season in Vancouver typically ends in mid-October, in anticipation of the change in weather that typically comes at this time of year.

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