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Avalanche Warning Still In Effect

March 5, 2010 — For the third straight week, an avalanche warning remains in place for large sections of British Columbia.

A special warning was issued by the Canadian Avalanche Centre on Thursday.

The reason?

The province's mild weather combined with minimal snowfall have made snow layers unstable.

Karl Klassen is the manager at the CAC. He says, 'several weak layers in the upper snow pack are proving to be very persistent and show no sign of improvement, even after being buried for over two weeks.'

People are being urged to stay away from avalanche terrain until the snowpack becomes more stabilized.

Everyone in the backcountry is being urged to bring equipment, including a shovel, probe and transceiver.

The warning covers a significant area, the north Rockies and the Columbia Mountians from Mackenzie south to the U.S. border and east of Prince George, Kamloops and Osoyoos. The warning will be in place until Monday.

So far this winter, there have been a total of four avalanche-related deaths, all of them in B.C.

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