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Edmonton Breaks Cold Records

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

December 12, 2009 — Just when it didn't seem possible to get any colder in the Prairies, on Saturday it did. Edmonton hit a record low -46 degrees.

After a weak warm up at the end of last week, Prairie temperatures plummeted again over the weekend reaching an all-time low in Edmonton.

At one point on Saturday night, Edmonton had the dubious distinction of being the coldest place on Earth. The record low temperature of -46 degrees was measured at the Edmonton International Airport. With the Wind Chill, it felt colder than -50. The city itself was a balmy -35 degrees before factoring the Wind Chill.

Edmonton's frigid temperature was exceeded by a station in Siberia where the lowest temperature measured on Saturday night was -48 degrees. Edmonton's -46 degrees was 2 degrees off the coldest temperature ever recorded for the Airport. Set back on January 26, 1972, the coldest temperature recorded is -48.3 degrees. Saturday also saw the coldest low ever recorded at the Airport in December. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights also saw record low temperatures for Edmonton Airport.

Temperatures will continue to be frigid for the next couple of days before warming up mid-week. On Thursday, Edmonton is currently expected to reach a high of zero degrees!

Wind Chill Warnings are currently in effect across the Prairies.

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