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More and More Rain for BC Coast

Laurissa Anyas-Weiss, content producer

January 14, 2010 — The BC Coast and Vancouver Island are in for a wet weekend. Beginning Thursday, over 100 mm of rain is expected.

Beginning Thursday into Friday morning, West Vancouver Island could see up to 150 mm of rain. Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Howe Sound areas could see up to 80 mm rain before Friday morning. Rainfall warnings are in effect for much of Vancouver Island and the South Coast.

The South Coast including Metro Vancouver could see a slight break in the rain Friday evening as one system moves out and another gets set to move in. The break will be short while Vancouver Island and the North Coast will continue to see rain through to the weekend.

Over the weekend, Vancouver Island and the South Coast including Metro Vancouver could see another 100 mm of rain. The North Coast could see slightly less closer to 70 mm with the Interior getting up to 40 mm.

Cypress Mountain
As a result of the recent mild temperatures and heavy rain, Cypress Mountain has closed its runs. Cypress Mountain will host Olympic snowboarding events in February, and the resort has decided to close runs in order to conserve snow for the Games.

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