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Belleville sports go green

Lisa Varano, staff writer

November 13, 2010 — Belleville, Ontario, is trying to save energy -- and money -- by going green. The Weather Network's Chris St. Clair reports.

The only connection between a hockey rink and a swimming pool in Belleville, Ontario, used to be that they were under the same roof. But now that the local sports centre is getting a makeover, the rink and pool will have something else in common.

The Quinte Sports Centre will use waste heat from the production of ice for the rink to heat water in the pool. Belleville hopes that by investing in environmentally-friendly projects, they will ultimately pay for themselves and make a profit.

As the local sports centre is expanding and retrofitted, big and small changes are being made: Solar panels on the roof, motion sensor lights, and touchless taps are just a few of them.

Belleville has a green task force that is looking at other ways of going green in the city. Other initiatives include heating the police station with solar energy, and harvesting rainwater for use in gardens.

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