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Landslides Isolate Residents in Bolivia

March 19, 2010 — Thousands of residents in Bolivia's La Paz province have been cut off from the capital city. And landslides are the cause.

Heavy rain hit the northern area of Bolivia's La Paz province, triggering numerous landslides.

And now residents are cut off.

The main roadway that connects the province to the capital city has been washed away in the wake of the slides.

The road is traveled by around 3000 people daily and is a major route to get food and other goods into the rural Los Yungas region.

One engineer working to repair the road, says the first priority is stabilizing the hillside that collapsed under heavy rain. “We've put people to work on both sides to stop rocks from falling and assure safety. Before we cleaned it up to make a trail,” he says.

38 slides have been recorded in the region. At least one home was completely washed away by the slides. Seven have been reported dead so far.

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