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Busy hurricane season on East Coast

Lisa Varano, staff writer

October 16, 2010 — Atlantic Canada has been battered by an active hurricane season -- and it's not over yet.

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season is active
The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season is active

Hurricane forecasters say the past month has been particularly bad for Atlantic Canada, where a couple of storms left a trail of destruction.

“You're going to find that this September was probably one of the worst, if not the worst, because we had Earl in early September and Igor in the second-last week of the month,” says Canadian Hurricane Centre forecaster Chris Fogarty.

Earl technically formed at the end of August, but it indeed hit Atlantic Canada in September. Eight named storms officially developed in the Atlantic Ocean during September -- twice the average for that month. The U.S. National Hurricane Centre says 2010 and 2002 are tied for the September record number of named storms.

There wasn't only a high number of storms this year; they were also more intense than usual. Tropical cyclone activity -- measured as the strength and duration of storms and hurricanes -- was 78 per cent above average in September.

Overall this season, tropical cyclone activity is 53 per cent above average. Since June, the following storms have formed in the Atlantic Ocean:

Hurricane season ends November 30th.

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