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Canada's cool, wet spring

Alexandra Pope, staff writer

April 26, 2011 — Much of the country has seen cooler and wetter weather than normal throughout March and April.

Vancouver has had a cool and rainy spring so far
Vancouver has had a cool and rainy spring so far

Weather Network meteorologists had predicted a near-normal spring with some areas seeing deviations from the climate average, and so far, that prediction is playing out, says meteorologist Dayna Vettese.

“We've had a cool spring. Pretty much all of Canada has been at or below average, except Newfoundland, which has been a bit above average in April.”

The average April temperature in St. John's is 5.2°C, but temperatures have averaged about 6°C this year.

Toronto has seen temperatures a full degree below average throughout March and April, while Calgary has shivered through average temperatures several degrees below normal.

Calgary's cooler temperatures and crazy snow
Calgary's cooler temperatures and crazy snow

Vancouver enjoyed an average March, but temperatures have held steady through April, averaging about three degrees below normal.

March was a wetter-than-normal month across the board, especially in Vancouver, which saw 152 mm of rain compared to their climate average of 111.8 mm.

“April has been fairly average for precipitation, except in those portions of the Prairies that got all that snow,” Vettese says.

Calgary's April snowfall usually averages about 15 cm; this year, the city has had to shovel out from under nearly 50 cm.

Vettese says most places can count on temperatures staying more consistently mild from now on as summer approaches. The La Niña trend that has been driving the cooler, wetter weather is expected to dissipate in June.

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