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Golfers prepared for storms

Golfers hit the green at St. George's Golf Club
Golfers hit the green at St. George's Golf Club

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

July 22, 2010 — The RBC Canadian Open is taking place in Toronto this week and officials say they're prepared if thunderstorms strike.

Staying dry on the course Monday
Staying dry on the course Monday

The RBC Canadian Open is underway at St. George's Golf and Country Club in Toronto. Although Monday's calm and mild conditions made it the perfect day to hit the links, organizers say they're prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw their way this week.

“Even on a sunny day we're always looking ahead,” says PGA Tour meteorologist Wade Stettner. “Looking for the forecast, the threat of rain, do we need to change up the tee times in the morning for the threat of rain the threat of thunderstorms?”

Stettner says it's extremely important to stay on top of the weather especially for the safety of both the golfers and the fans.

“We're watching the storms as they approach and whenever they get into maybe a five or ten mile radius, that's when we need to watch them real close and evacuate if necessary.”

Stettner adds that a special lightning detection system is brought to the course as a precaution and to measure the lightning threat levels.

Taking a swing at the Canadian Open
Taking a swing at the Canadian Open

Golfers say they pay close attention to the daily forecast as well.

“Everyday I get up, I check the weather, see where the wind direction is going to be, see what it looks like it’s going to be for the day and set your plan based on that,” says David Hearn, a Canadian professional golfer.

Hearn adds that because you can't control the weather you always need to be prepared.

“Sometimes you get those really cold days that there’s no lightning and there’s a little bit of rain, that’s the toughest.”

For more from this interview with golfer David Hearn, check out Kelly Noseworthy's report on Golfing and Weather.

You can also find out more about the weather in your area by heading to our Canadian Cities Forecast section of our website.

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