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Carolers brave the weather to spread Christmas cheer

Shelley Steeves, reporter
December 19, 2011 — In addition to affecting the comfort of Christmas carolers, the weather can also affect their sound.

Braving cool temperatures to spread Christmas cheer
Braving cool temperatures to spread Christmas cheer

These young singers are warming up for an old time tradition.

“My friends and I are going Christmas Caroling because we don’t think a lot of people do it anymore,” says Michelle Thibodeau, a Christmas Caroler. “We love to sing and we think the people love the Christmas spirit so we want to share it with everyone.”

And their voice coach couldn’t be more proud!

“They want to go door to door,” says Melody Dobson, a voice teacher. “It was all their idea. I had nothing to do with it.”

But she does have a few pointers of how they can stay in key.

“If you were to inhale sharply even as a non singer you know that it irritates your airways,” explains Dobson. “So that would happen in singing as well. It just means that the serenade would be interrupted with some (cough cough) ha ha.”

Inhaling cool air can irritate singers' airways
Inhaling cool air can irritate singers' airways

But we didn’t hear any sour notes. This group is prepared for the weather.

“Wear a scarf around your neck so that your vocal chords don’t get cold,” said Thibodeau.

And in order to keep their vocal chords in tune, they’ll stay well hydrated too.

“What we do a lot as singers especially in the winter time is carry around a lot of tea,” says Dobson. “Tea specifically because coffee tends to dry the entire body including the vocal chords out a little bit. As the humidity changes in the winter as it goes down down down, singers can struggle with a brittle, irritated feeling in the airways and even the vocal chords when they go to sing.”

So when they are out there caroling, if they happen to miss a note or two no big deal! Just blame it on the weather.

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