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Charitable donations down in parts of Canada

Shelley Steeves, reporter
December 22, 2011 — It's the season of giving, but charitable donations are down in parts of Canada. Could mild temperatures have something to do with it?

Collecting clothing for the homeless in Moncton, NB
Collecting clothing for the homeless in Moncton, NB

The weather has been so mild throughout parts of the country this year that chances are many people won't be seeing a white Christmas.

Definitely disappointing, but it's been even more disappointing for many charitable organizations. It's been so mild, donations are way down this year and they rely on the generosity of others during the holiday season.

“We wait for it to snow and then we give stuff to charity along with our Christmas shopping,” says Nadine Lipton of Blankets for Moncton. “So people are late doing their Christmas shopping, they are late giving stuff to charity and all the charities are suffering because of that.”

Blankets for Moncton gathers blankets, hats, mitts, coats and boots for people that are hopeless.

“We're feeling it this year,” says Gillian Johnson of Reconnect, Support for Homeless. “It's been warm like Nadine said so we haven't seen anything come in in terms of winter coats boots and wool socks.”

“We'll be gathering stuff all winter long so especially us because we need stuff for when it's cold and it's not really that cold yet,” adds Lipton. “So January, February, March we are going to need a lot more things. We have people sleeping on the street here in Moncton and we need to make sure they don't perish in the freezing cold.”

Lipton says charitable donations are down right across the country this year due in part to the mild weather. So, in your local area, if you have a spare coat or boots or mitts lying around why not donate them to a local charity and help keep someone warm through the winter season.

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