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Christmas trees flourish in mild Maritimes weather

Sana Ahmed, staff writer
November 17, 2011 — The Maritimes have been experiencing unseasonably mild weather, which means great business for Christmas tree vendors.

A Christmas tree will last a long time if you take good care of it
A Christmas tree will last a long time if you take good care of it

This year's Christmas tree season has got a surprising boost from exceptionally mild weather in the Maritimes.

Yes, it has been mild so far this season, says Gerald Cheng, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. But we know that eventually the Arctic air will win the battle as we head into winter.

Lack of snow does mean a lack of holiday cheer for some. But its nothing but a festive season for people in the Christmas tree business.

Its helped my trees, says Chuck Secord of Yuletide Tree Lot. Its helped green them a little more and its helped the growth of the trees, as well. All trees, especially Christmas trees, need a good drink before a freeze-up. And in this case with all the moisture weve been getting, its ideal.

That means that once these trees are cut, they will likely hold their needles longer this year.

But Secord says taking good care of your tree is crucial. You cant have too much heat in the room and having moisture near the tree is also very important.

With files from Shelley Steeves

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