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Light dusting of snow blankets parts of coastal BC

Lyndsay Morrison, staff writer

February 18, 2011 — Some communities in BC got a light dusting of snow on Thursday. What's in store for the weekend?

Snow blanketed Courtenay, BC on Wednesday
Snow blanketed Courtenay, BC on Wednesday

The countdown to Spring is on, but people living on the coast of BC had a little bit of “winter” to contend with on Thursday.

A low pressure system brought light snow to some communities on the lower mainland, including North Vancouver, Burnaby and Squamish. In Metro Vancouver, there were also reports of thunder and lightning on Thursday night.

Parts of Vancouver Island have also had some wintery weather this week. On Wednesday, communities like Courtenay and Comox were blanketed with light snow. On Thursday, small hail fell in places like Victoria and Duncan.

The Weather Network's Oga Nwobosi hit the streets of Vancouver on Thursday to find out if BC residents are more prepared this winter than others.

Fluffy flakes fell in Squamish, BC on Thursday
Fluffy flakes fell in Squamish, BC on Thursday

“No, I do not a shovel in our warm city,” said one Vancouverite.

Another resident stated that he didn't own any winter clothes. “It hardly snows down here. If I was in Toronto or Alberta, yeah I would!” he explained.

For a look at what kind of weather conditions you can expect over the weekend, be sure to check your local forecast. You can also tune in to The Weather Network on TV, where the National Forecast comes up at :02 and :32 minutes past each hour.

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