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Cold snap for the Prairies

Cold temperatures across the Prairies
Cold temperatures across the Prairies

Jill Colton, staff writer

September 19, 2010 — It's hard to believe that it's still summer across the Prairies. Temperatures have plummeted dramatically across parts of the region, giving way to new record lows.

Frost has been spotted across parts of the Prairies
Frost has been spotted across parts of the Prairies

The calendar still says summer, but it's feeling more like mid-fall across the Prairies.

An arctic high is bringing arctic air down south, which is leading to the temperature drop, says Gerald Chang, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network.

Fort McMurray saw snowflakes on Thursday
Fort McMurray saw snowflakes on Thursday

On Saturday morning, several record low temperature records were smashed across Saskatchewan. Coronach saw the thermometer plunge to -6.3C, which broke the previous 1987 record of -5C. Val Marie saw temperatures drop to a chilly -5.2C and Rosetown plummeted to -4.5C. Not only did residents wake up to the brisk weather, depending on where they were, they also got a taste of some frost patches on the grass, trees and crops.

Meanwhile, Alberta was also feeling the frigid conditions. Several record lows were broken across the province on Saturday morning including Sundre at -5.3C and Edmonton International was shivering at -5C. To add to the fall-like weather, a special weather statement was issued for potential frost patches throughout several communities on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, Calgary has been uncomfortably cool with temperatures hovering nearly 10 degrees below seasonal. For Sunday, the city high is hovering around a chilly 7C, which is a significant drop from the usual temperatures felt this time of year.

The wintry weather has dominated parts of Alberta for the last few days. On Thursday, both Fort McMurray and Calgary residents had to bundle up when wet snow floated to the ground.

You'll have to keep your gloves handy, because temperatures are expected to remain below seasonal for the next few days with the cooler air remaining in place.

For the latest forecast details where you live, check our Canadian Cities Index. You can also tune into The Weather Network on TV, where your National Forecast comes up at the top and bottom of every hour.

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