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Summer flurries in the Prairies

Andrea Stockton, staff writer

September 15, 2010 — The calendar still says summer, but parts of the Prairies could see a visit from Old Man Winter this week. As most Calgarians know, September flurries aren't completely abnormal.

Cold air is sinking south this week.
Cold air is sinking south this week.

It looks like areas in Alberta are skipping the fall season all together. Summer isn't even over yet and signs of winter are appearing. The first being cool temperatures.

Overnight lows near or below the freezing mark have prompted Environment Canada to issue frost warnings over the past couple of weeks. The cold temperatures continued into Tuesday, with many places seeing chilly single digit highs.

Calgary in particular dropped to 9 degrees with consistent drizzle and cloud. And it looks like that current frosty trend will continue.

“As the cold front sinks southwards through the Prairies Wednesday afternoon, it will bring rain showers to northern Alberta,” says Brian Dillon, a meteorologist here at The Weather Network. “On the reverse side of the cold front, cooler air will invade central Alberta and Saskatchewan causing rain showers to change into a mix with snow in the foothills and higher elevations Wednesday night through to Thursday morning.”

You won't need to dig out that shovel just yet as minimal accumulations are expected.

Calgary has seen snow in September before.
Calgary has seen snow in September before.

It looks as though Calgary and Edmonton will escape the snow showers today, “but Calgary has a slight chance of seeing a snow flurry tomorrow evening as the moisture departs the area,” says Dillon.

“The cooler air will remain in place as well with another shot for wintry conditions this weekend.”

While it may seem too early for southern Alberta to get snow, Calgary has seen it in September before. In 2003, about 12 cm of snow fell on the city over two days in mid-September.

With files from Lisa Varano and Jill Colton

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