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Dangerous avalanche conditions in B.C.

Lisa Varano, staff writer

December 10, 2010 — Stormy weather has raised the risk of avalanches on mountains in British Columbia.

Small avalanche tears down mountain
Small avalanche tears down mountain

The avalanche danger rating is “considerable” in British Columbia, warns the The Canadian Avalanche Centre.

That means there are dangerous avalanche conditions across B.C., including in the mountains north of Vancouver and the Whistler backcountry.

Natural avalanches are possible and human-triggered avalanches are likely, according to the Canadian Avalanche Danger Scale.

Skiers have been able to get an early start to the season because recent snowfall has allowed several ski resorts to open early.

Risk of avalanches persist throughout the winter
Risk of avalanches persist throughout the winter

Ski enthusiasts are encouraged to check the forecast to avoid risky times on the mountain. “Every time there's a big storm, we see a spike in danger,” says Cam Campbell of the Canadian Avalanche Centre.

For snowmobile safety tips, visit our snowmobile report. If skiing is your sport, don't miss the forecast for your favourite ski hill.

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