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Day 2 - Strasbourg, Regina and Moose Jaw

December 6, 2011 — A surprise stop in Strasbourg, an outpour of support in Regina and a visit to Carrie Olver's hometown. Another successful day aboard the CP Holiday Train.

Man from Strasbourg gave me the hat right off his head as a token!
Man from Strasbourg gave me the hat right off his head as a token!

Natalie Thomas, reporter

So I have discovered my favourite thing about riding on the Holiday Train: waving to people who come out to see the train even when there's no scheduled stop.

On our way from Saskatoon to Regina, we would pass really small communities. Small crowds, sometimes just two or three people, would be waiting outside their car...just wanting to watch the Holiday Train go by. They would wave to the train, and we'd wave back.

And who is “we?” Well we is basically a handful of CP employees along with a handful of musicians. How amazing is that? I've been hanging out with some really cool artists like Canadian music legend Valdy, and Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Tracey Brown. It's like I'm living in a remake of the movie Almost Famous, except this time it takes place on a train instead of a bus!

After driving through some really beautiful parts of the province, we made a surprise stop in Strasbourg. It wasn't a planned stop, but time allowed for a mini-concert. Since it was fairly last-minute, I was so happy to see that a lot of people made it out to see the train. One man even gave me the hat right off of his head! It says “Strasbourg Maroons” and he wanted me to have a token from the town. Very sweet!

Big crowd in Saskatchewan gives a shout out to The Weather Network
Big crowd in Saskatchewan gives a shout out to The Weather Network

Our next stop was in Regina and it blew me away.

Apparently there were about 5,000 people in the crowd. It was HUGE! And Kim from the Regina Pats hockey team (WHL) came to bring me a jersey. I was able to wear it on stage and it was awesome. My only regret was that we didn't have time to stay and chat with the people of Regina. We had to board the train quickly to get to Moose Jaw on time.

Apparently the people of Moose Jaw are always amazing when it comes to collecting food for the food drive each year. And this year was no exception. It was another huge crowd, and I was grateful that after the concert I could speak with some of our TWN viewers. I met quite a few people in Moose Jaw who said they watch TWN all day long. It was great. Must have been a good vibe because it's the birthplace of our very own Carrie Olver.

I must say, it was another gorgeous day today. Sunny and mild. Everyone kept wanting to thank me for the weather, but I told them not to...because then they'll all want to blame me when temperatures plummet the rest of the week.

We have six stops Wednesday, including our crossover into Alberta. Busy day ahead.

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