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Day 5 - Calgary

December 10, 2011 — Natalie Thomas wraps up her journey on the CP Holiday Train with a final concert in Calgary -- and karaoke.

A fan snapped this pic of Natalie on the train
A fan snapped this pic of Natalie on the train

Natalie Thomas, reporter

What an amazing day! Got up early to watch the CP Holiday Train musicians perform some songs for CP workers, as well as do some sound checks for the big Calgary concert.

I have to admit, I didn't know ANY of the songs on the concert set list before I came on this trip...but after seeing the same songs performed 15 times, I know them all off by heart! So it was great to just watch my new friends perform! I sang and danced along all morning.

Did I mention how GORGEOUS the weather was in Calgary today? It was sunny with temperatures climbing up to about 9 degrees. Even by the time the concert rolled around at 6 pm, it was still 8 degrees! Very comfortable. We didn't even need hats or gloves.(Unlike Brooks and Tilley two nights ago when it felt like -20!)

The crowd in Calgary was amazing, and full of energy. They all cheered when I talked about the warmth! I also got the chance to speak with Mayor Nenshi about the mild weather. He, by the way, is a fan of chinooks!

The enthusiastic crowd in Calgary
The enthusiastic crowd in Calgary

Once the concert ended, a few of the crew and I went out for some karaoke. It was a great last night for me. Well, it was obviously a great night...I got to sing karaoke with rising star Anders Drerup and music legend Valdy. Doesn't get much better than that!

So now I prepare to head home. I fly back to Toronto Saturday morning. First order of business when I walk through the door: buy Valdy's “Rock and Roll Song” on iTunes (he sang it all week and I LOVE it!).

Second thing I do: send a thank-you note to the people at Canadian Pacific. Every employee I had the pleasure of meeting was truly wonderful and caring. I had such a great week on-board the Holiday Train.

One last thank you to all of the great people and viewers I met along the way. From Saskatoon to Calgary, thank you for saying hi and welcoming me into your communities.

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