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Destructive tornado in Hamilton, ON remembered

Andrea Stockton, staff writer
November 9, 2011 — It's been six years since an F1 tornado struck Hamilton, Ontario causing significant damage throughout the city.

Windows smashed at Lawfield Public School in 2005
Windows smashed at Lawfield Public School in 2005

On November 9, 2005 a destructive F1 tornado ripped through Hamilton, Ontario. Although it has been six years, the memory is still vivid.

Especially for those at Lawfield Public School. The twister ripped the roof right off of the building and several windows were completely smashed. Other significant damage was reported throughout the city that day.

The tornado season in Canada usually lasts from May until September, but a twister late in the year isn't completely out of the question either. An F2 tornado hit Exeter, Ontario on December 12, 1946.

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