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Dreary weather affects leaf tours in the Maritimes

Shelley Steeves, reporting
October 17, 2011 — After a glorious start to the fall season, wet weather in October put a damper on leaf tours in parts of the Maritimes.

Wet weather put a damper on the fall colours peaking in the Maritimes
Wet weather put a damper on the fall colours peaking in the Maritimes

Well we are really approaching the end of the peak season for Fall colours here in the Maritimes and the people we spoke to say things happened awfully quickly this year.

Back in September when the weather was beautiful and warm it looked like we we heading into a prime season for Fall colours and for tour operators. But a tour operator we spoke to says once October hit, everything changed.

“Probably the worst year for leaf peeping and that had everything to do with the weather this year. The first week of October it basically rained the entire week,” says Anna-Marie Weir.

“Because we had a lot of wet weather and the weather was all over the map you had hot humid days and then we had some really cold days and the frost and humid again. It starts the process slows it down and then it peaks all at once. and that's what happened basically last week we had a peak of maybe two to three days.”

“The weather really didn't coincide with the peak and you know in the nine years I have been in business I am usually as busy in the first week of October as I am in July and August and it just didn't happen that way this year,” she says.

So if you do want to head out and check out the Fall colours you'd better do so this week because things are winding down. And before long all of Fall's glory will be on the ground.

With files from Lyndsay Morrison

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