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Winter Driving Safety Tips

February 26, 2010 — Roads are a mess across eastern Canada today. Here's O.P.P. Sergeant Dave Woodford with some tips on how to stay safe.

A winter storm is pounding parts of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes today. In some communities, the story will be heavy snow. In others, there will by icy patches on the roads. And at times, gusty winds will be making for low visibility.

Sergeant Dave Woodford is with the Ontario Provincial Police. He says drivers have to adjust their habits according to the weather, or they could end up in trouble.

Here are some of the other tips he has for anyone out on the roads today:

  • Stay focused all the time
  • Make sure you have plenty of windshield washer fluid in your reservoir
  • Make sure you slow down when you're driving
  • Keep your seat belt on
  • Keep that safe distance between you and that driver in front of you
  • Be careful when changing lanes. You get that build-up on snow in between the lanes, and that's when you see a lot of people spin out and lose control. Pick a lane and stay in the lane until you know when you have to exit, and then gradually get over.

If you DO lose control of your vehicle, here's what Sergeant Woodford recommends you do:

  • Don't apply the brakes or accelerate
  • Look to where you want to go, not where you are going

Here are some advice on what to do SHOULD you get into an accident:

  • If no one is injured and damages are less than a thousand dollars, authorities say there's no need to call police
  • Safety should always come first. If the weather is bad and visibility is reduced, the best thing to do is to pull over to a safe location and asses the situation
  • If you're not injured you should move your car away from traffic to avoid causing any other collisions
  • Important information to get from the other driver is their name, address, phone number, the insurance company, and make and model of the car

Make sure you check out our Highway Report before you hit the road today. It comes up on TV at :25 and :56 minutes past each hour.

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