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Europe Powers Down For Earth Hour

Mar 27, 2010 - The Pyramids and the Eiffel Tower were just two famous landmarks that switched their lights off.

The lights illuminating the world renown Giza Pyramids and Sphinx turned off for one hour in celebration of Earth Hour. The initiative was to "send a strong message to the governments of this world" to help advocate climate change.

The Acropolis in Athens, the Eiffel Tower and the Elysee Palace in Paris and Big Ben in London all plunged into darkness as the power went off.

Berlin, Germany also took part in the World Wide Fund for Nature event. A city government official along with a WWF employee pushed a symbolic light switch, turning the hydro off to the Brandenburg Gate.

The symbolic climate change event was first held in Sydney in 2007, and has become a global phenomenon. This year is expected to be the largest by far.

Canada is merely hours away from it's Earth Hour turn. Stay tuned to The Weather Network, where we will be keeping the lights ON to give you the latest updates from around the country.

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