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North America Powering Down

March 27, 2010 — And it's begun! The lights have started going out all across North America as skylines and landmarks are shutting the power off for Earth Hour.

The Earth Hour campaign is making it's way across North America, as Canada and the US start going dark for climate change.

The event organized by the World Wildlife Fund began Saturday at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean and is sweeping westward as each time zone reaches 8:30pm.

The campaign is asking for people to turn off their household lights and appliances for one hour in order to raise awareness and make a statement to political figureheads about reducing carbon emissions.

Some of the many famous landmarks to go black were, Toronto's C.N. Tower, The Empire State Building in New York, the National Cathedral in Washington, Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and the Las Vegas strip

So is Earth Hour working? Ontario Hydro has reported that during the hour long event power usage went down by 9 percent!

Did you celebrate Earth Day? If you did, we'd love to see how! Upload your photos to our 'Your Weather Gallery.' You can find it under the Related Links section above.

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